Bryan & Mikaelyn

August 1, 2021Rancho Del Rio, Colorado

2021 Wedding Reception

We were married in 2020 but we waited to celebrate

our happily ever rafter in 2021 with YOU!

The celebrations will take place over the weekend of July 31st to August 2nd, the wedding reception party will be on Sunday, August 1st.

We are absolutely thrilled to bring together our dear family and friends for our wedding weekend celebration at Rancho Del Rio, one of our favorite riverside locations in Colorado. You are invited to join us to camp for the weekend and enjoy rafting, fishing, camp fires, yoga, yard games, live music, tubing, grilling, and a big screen viewing of the 2020 ceremony!

*We have rented half of the campground for all our guests to camp, there are alternative lodging options found under the 'accommodations' section on this website*

Tentative schedule of events:


~6pm: Welcome BBQ served for all guests to kick off the wedding with vegetarian options


~9am: Yoga at the wedding deck led by Christine, mother-of-the-bride, for all ages/experience levels

~9:30-10:30am: Bagel breakfast bar for all guests

~2pm-4pm: Cocktail hour at the wedding deck with live music by Buffalo Commons and yard games

~5pm-7pm: Dinner served by Skull Creek Greek

~7pm-10pm: Live music by Buffalo Commons with rowdy dancing


~Laid back day to enjoy time together on/by the river

Please bring yard games to share and pool floaties for the river Weddy (wedding eddy)!

***If you plan to take photos, before the wedding please download The Guest, a free photo-sharing app:***

Wedding Location

Sunday, August 1, 2021
1:00 PM
Rancho Del Rio
4199 Trough Rd, Bond, CO, 80423
Rancho Del Rio
4199 Trough Rd, Bond, CO 80423, USA
IMPORTANT! Please include in the comments for your RSVP: **What day you are arriving (Saturday or Sunday)** **Do you plan to camp with us for the weekend?** **Any major dietary restrictions?**